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Authentic living and emotional balance through the body.

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Gediminas Kordušas
Body practitioner
I see the body as a perpetual teacher of authentic life. My personal mission is to assist others in discovering and nurturing their connection with the body.
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About Me
I work in an intuitive and dynamic way, respecting the needs of specific situations. Witnessing space, touch, authentic movement and analytical perspective are some of the many ways I apply in support of the client. I have practiced somatic meditation for many years and apply it as a solid ground for body exploration processes.

From 2017 to 2020 I studied in the somatic therapy programme in Vilnius, established by Linda Hartley’s Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, London.

I work both individually and with groups.

Your Touch is the Way You Are. Conversation with Gediminas Kordušas
It is rare to find a man who touches consciously. Gediminas Kordušas is such an exception. Gediminas accompanies men and women in explorations and discoveries of their own vulnerability, helps to safely dive in their emotional oceans and explores the conscious touch and the riches that it can bring. So today we talk to him about why it is important for us to touch and be touched, what kind of touch is conscious.
Ready to start your journey?
Contact me:
+370 672 42762
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